Affiliated Companies

AlJaber Group has entered into various strategic partnerships to ensure appropriate and expert services and solutions available in Qatar. The following are the major affiliated companies AlJaber Engineering is associated with.

AlJaber and Makhlouf

Al Jaber & Makhlouf is one of Qatar’s leading companies in the production and laying of asphalt materials, road works and related services in the oil & gas fields, petrochemicals, water, electricity and infrastructure for government, public and private entities. They have over 33 years of experience in undertaking and completing projects for international clients.

Their primary activities include
• Earth and Sub-base works
• Asphalt works
• Infrastructure development
• Road marking
• Integrated paving solutions
• Asphalt stamping and coding

AlJaber and Makhlouf
P.O. Box: 22801
Tel: +974 4040 9600
Fax: +974 4040 9797